Forest Friendly

Our Redwood is farm grown, second or third-growth redwood acquired directly

from a Northern California farm,

California Cascade.

California Cascade contributes to the managing of the Redwood Forests and the planting of over 4.5 million new seedlings a year.

Please visit the California Cascade website
A very special oil, Tung oil, is used to finish the table sets. Tung oil is pressed from seeds from the Chinese Tung or "China" Tree. We use this oil because it is organic, green and sustainable. Tung oil is an ideal "binder" or "vehicle", carrying the resins and driers deep into the pores of the wood so that sealer and finish coats practically become part of the wood - drying into an armor-like yet beautiful surface.

Tung oil tree (Aleurites fordii), a deciduous shade tree native to China. It belongs to the Euphorbia Family (Euphorbiaceae) along with the candlenut tree (A molucanna), another species with seeds rich in unsaturated oils. For centuries tung oil has been used for paints and waterproof coatings, and as a component of caulk and mortar.

Other unsaturated plant oils, such as castor oil and linseed oil, take longer to dry and leave an oily residue until they soak into the wood surface. Tung oil 's ability to dry quickly and polymerize into a tough, satiny, waterproof coating has made it especially valuable in paints, varnishes, linoleum, oilcloth and printing inks.
Tung oil is the only finish that can be easily maintained as a beautiful, satin finish for decades, even outside in the sun.